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On A Lighter Note…

Early on in my transition from “suit” to “executive in transition” (per daughter #1) or “early retiree” (per daughter #2) or “unemployed” (per then wife) I visited Big Bend National Park for a photography workshop.

An amazing place in its own right but I also remember the old mining town of Terlingua was full of colorful characters too. I remember grabbing a few images of that “color”.

That thought took me back down memory lane. I so very often enjoy catching the odd image and colorful characters and then (thanks to the fact that the instructor, Craig Tanner, has a sense of humor too) I have had the opportunity to throw in a couple of the images in the critiques for a little comic relief.

What follow are some of the “out-takes” from my journey over the last few years. Tried to include some of the back-story too. Hope it inspires you to be a little irreverent too; to look for the out-take; to meet some of the “colorful” characters you might bump into….

It’s fun to grab a quick shot of photographers being photographers. The top image is from Yellowstone–how many photogs can crowd around a moose?? The bottom is from Death Valley-called tripods are for sissies!!

I am definitely not the shy retiring type! I approach virtually everyone. These are my “Harley girlfriends” I met in the Valley of Fire outside Vegas prior to a Death Valley workshop. They were in town for a Nascar weekend from Chicago and, being winter there, hadn’t ridden in awhile so rented a couple of bikes to see some of the sites. Wonder what Mom would have thought if i had brought a Harley girlfriend home???

Speaking of Big Bend– One of the assignments was to create a “story” about Big Bend. so being the irreverent SOB that I can be these were my opening and closing slides

Sometimes with a little persuasion you can get the model to do an outrageous spoof on things

Sometimes the eye catches an interesting and odd site to stand in stark contrast to an iconic image–everyone has a old farm house from Mormon Row in Tetons but how many wander down the road and find their outhouse–kind of iconic too – – don’t you think???

Then there’s the odd tourist doing odd things in the road but kind enough to let me catch it too…of, course (irreverent remember) Josh, Stacey, and I had to recreate it…I called my version 3 Amigos; Catherine, a workshop participant, preferred to call it “3 knuckleheads”

A self portrait is often an assignment at these workshops–one morning in Death Valley, Josh, Stacey and I simply “lost it” after a couple of hours in a blinding sand storm in the dunes-then remembered we still had to do the self portrait–‘nough said!!!

occasionally things get completely out of control–Savannah–Bryan decides we need a “girl in a red dress” for a “pre-visualized” shot from a classically tiled men’s room–Jessi was game–pounced on an unsuspecting tourist; convinced her and the guy (turned out to be her son-in-law. Kind of weird!!!)…amazing

speaking of iconic images–Oxbow Bend in the Tetons draws a crowd-better get there early and stick the tripod in the holes of other photographers that have gone before you

of course, started by talking about Terlingua

finally, even Craig Tanner stumbles into the mix–great sense of humor–as did the Savannah police force–everyone enjoyed the show

hope these provided a laugh or two; maybe some inspiration to look around

have a great weekend

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