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As the father of 2 adult daughters who have busy lives of their own –and don’t always remember they have a Dad ☹ – I have occasionally resorted to using in an email a notable quote from the 1986 Matthew Broderick movie Ferris Bueller’s “Day Off” to get their attention and request they find a minute to check in with dear old Dad


Of course, nothing like having it turned back on me…

OK—so I am way behind in posting about the journey—time to catch up after catching some flak from family/friends in Boston ( yup-made a quick trip there to surprise my brother P and sister-in-law M for a 25th wedding anniversary party—more on that later )

And, then R, my friend/fishing buddy, good naturedly ☺ chastised me in a note: “You suck as a blogger…either you hated it and came off the road…or, you are having so much fun you have no time to write…”

When R and I finally caught up, I reassured him I was having way too much fun and simply had let it slide…

doesn’t this guy look happy??? (I am about to dive into some BBQ in the Texas Hill Country ( yup, more on that later too… )

R made an interesting point—why blog if it’s too much trouble; after all, family and friends will check in to see how things are going. Good point. And, as I tried to explain why I wanted to blog, the reasons started to become a little clearer to me.

I have a few main reasons for blogging:

First, is to keep family, friends, and others updated on my whereabouts, activities and culinary experiences ☺ , opinions about travel, and my outdoor and photography experiences.

Second, I want to create a permanent journal of those same travels, thoughts, and experiences, etc … a legacy, my daughters, grand-kids ( yup, I am counting on some!!) , and, (hell, I have an ego too!) , maybe, just maybe, another generation might even want to know about Stephen’s crazy idea to see the country in a condo on wheels

Finally, I also kind of hope that someone will stumble upon my blog and be inspired to pursue their own dream. I know that when I Googled for the first time “RV Lifestyle” and other variations of the search term I was absolutely amazed to see so many well written and inspiring Blogs. They were a big influence on my decision that I could and should do this. Many of those blog links are in the sidebar of my own blog – take a look at them when you get a chance –good stuff.

Blogging works reasonably well for the first reason – keeping everyone updated – provided I update things in a timely fashion. (remember from my “Map” page that my brothers think I should have a GPS tracking device implanted in my body !)

As to the second reason, I have some concerns a digital record might not survive…but, I know journaling with my old Pelikin pens that I have simply won’t work for the first reason.

But I’m uncomfortable with how well it does with the second…the legacy. Even the Library of Congress is concerned about the longevity of “our” historical record in the digital age. I once heard a member of a study panel working with the Library speak at a photography workshop –troubling stuff indeed—simply put, digital mediums and technology change so fast that we might not be able to “read” our digital files in years to come unless constantly being updated.

So the plan is to publish a printed book of the journey at various intervals—means more work – but something I think is necessary –more on that at some later time…With any luck I will create something that will be passed around at family gatherings similar to the way old photo albums get passed around at family gatherings/holidays.

And, of course, being the opinionated SOB that I am, I would also like the blog to be a place where I can occasionally be a little outrageous, write something unexpected (?), or, simply ramble or rant about topics of the day!!

Obviously there is no right or wrong way to go about this. I also suspect things will evolved over time so stay tuned – who knows where this will go….

Thanks for taking a minute to catch up with me…

We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast…

See you down the road…

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