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Eating With The Locals….

Eating With The Locals….

I mentioned in the last post that one purpose for this Austin/Hill Country stop was indulge in some of the local culinary treats. The choices were seemingly overwhelming…but, being troopers, we tried to sample much of it…often ending up in a food coma…

food coma

May 11, 2006 Urban Word of the Day

The feeling of listlessness, bordering on sleep, that one feels after eating a large meal, often caused by a rush of blood to the stomach and intestines during food digestion.

Now, in a land that is too often thought of the land of Dairy Queen and Whataburger ( and I have had my share of both), Austin and the Hill Country is a very fine food destination…no DQ this trip….

I had a few spots I wanted to check out…places I had seen on TV ( Man versus Food report ) ; places I had read about it ( Wheeling It –an absolutely outstanding RV blogger ) ; places S had checked out on another recent visit to the Texas capitol…wow…so much for the diet

I don’t mean to short change a couple of the great meals we had….Guero’s Taco Bar for a much needed Tex-Mex fix; Taverna for a wonderful Easter dinner where the atmosphere was interesting too…

but, I really, really wanted to sample some food truck gourmet and some Texas BBQ that is offered up at a Texas institution in Driftwood TX.

Yup…food truck gourmet. Now I have had my share of “dirty water dogs” and other street food during my years in NYC and elsewhere but Austin’s food truck experience is perhaps like no other.

Months ago Nina of Wheeling It wrote:

“… a food trailer. Yes, believe it or not gourmet food comes down to the streets in Austin. But here in Austin they’ve taken on a totally new twist. Young chefs with budding ideas and limited capital have moved into trailers to deliver their creations. It’s spawned a rapidly growling and completely unique sub-culture of fine dining on the streets, and there’s literally no limits to what you can find.

There are literally hundreds of these delicious kitchens on wheels….”

I was intrigued and her report was right on target…the choices seemed limitless. No only was the food superb but the people watching was interesting too – thanks Nina for the tip…

For me though the highlight of the trip was Driftwood’s Salt Lick BBB – a Texas institution – serving it up using the same open pit slow cooking methods they have been using since the doors were opened in 1969

“…in 1956, Scott’s mother and father moved with their two young sons to Driftwood. But his father had to travel constantly across the state working for a bridge construction company. Thurman dreamed of spending every day where his family had put down generations of roots.
One day he and Hisako took out a yellow legal pad and wrote down 54 things the family could do and stay in Driftwood. The idea for the Salt Lick was 14th on the list. At first, they irrigated a field and truck farmed, selling produce to local grocery stores. They also made candies, raised pecan trees and had a shelling business.
But in 1967, Thurman, who was known for his delicious barbeque at family reunions, decided he would cook meat for paying customers. Thurman and his two sons built a huge barbeque pit. Thurman would go to the pit on Thursday night and start cooking. He stayed for the weekend, sleeping on a cot, until all the meat sold. He kept coming home earlier and earlier. After a few months, the boys and Thurman built a little screen porch around the pit. The Salt Lick has grown from there. The Roberts family now serves mouthwatering barbeque to thousands of folks each week…”

Here at the Salt Lick it’s all about the food…a spare room of wooden picnic tables, paper napkins (you’ll need a lot), Texas décor and, no china and stainless here – plastic plates – ‘cuz you’ll be picking it up anyway…

And, go next door and buy a bucket of Shiner to wash it all down…

After all, Shiner is another of those Texas institutions…

brewed by Spoetzl Brewery which is a brewery located in Shiner, TX and was founded in 1909

today it is the oldest independent brewery in Texas..

a great combination…

cold beer and falling off the bone, juicy, flavorful Salt Lick BBQ

Yours truly…

one happy foodie…

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