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Hello, I must be going

Hello, I must be going

Ah, the classic song from Groucho Marx!

Hello, I must be going.
I cannot stay,
I came to say
I must be going.
I’m glad I came
but just the same
I must be going.

For my sake you must stay,
for if you go away,
you’ll spoil this party
I am throwing.

I’ll stay a week or two,
I’ll stay the summer through,
but I am telling you,
I must be going.

Yes, it was finally time to say good-bye to Colorado…

I arrived in Colorado planning a couple of weeks or so to explore parts of CO I hadn’t visited before. Hard to believe it’s been almost 2 months in this remarkable part of the country.

Didn’t expect to climb a 14er – but climbed two; figured to get a few hikes in and hiked like a maniac; and, never would have predicted I would be jumping out of a plane – but – gone and done it 🙂

After a couple of days at St Vrain State Park for some R & R as well as trips to the big box stores like Costco, I am fully restocked; fully rested; and, ready to hit it hard again…

But now time to point the Bunkhouse north again – now, it’s time to say hello to Wyoming…

So, up I-25 to Cheyenne and hang a left on I-80 for a longish run to Rock Springs, WY before moving up the Grand Teton tomorrow – Saturday.

No only a long run but fighting high winds all the way; up through “world famous” Buford at 8,000 feet

Like I’ve noted in the past – you simply can’t make this stuff up…

Now, like my “neither am I a stranger” comment about Colorado in a previous post, the same applies to Wyoming.

Wyoming has been very very good to this hunting fool…have won 3 coveted, and, difficult to draw, lottery hunting tags…mountain goat and big horn sheep near Cody

And, a very fine elk tag in Unit 16 near Casper

Some nice memories as I sailed along I – 80

But enough of this stroll down the hunting memory lane…

Also, had been to Grand Teton nearly 5 years ago…when I actually spent a total of 2 weeks there photographing amazing wildlife and all of Grand Teton’s classic locations — Schwabacher Landing, the Mormon Barns, Oxbow Bend, as well as many other stunning locations.

Yup – lots of good memories – time now to make some new ones

Will land over the pass from the NP in Idaho in an RV park tomorrow and then search out some Forest Service and/or BLM lands for some boondocking to spend a couple of weeks in around Grand Teton and Yellowstone

Wish me luck – hope to score a great spot the WINs told me about…

That’s all for today…see you down the road…safe travels…

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  1. Hi Stephen,

    Nice to meet you in Longmont – I can’t believe you jumped out of a plane. 😉 I’ve had a few little “bumps in the road” since leaving Colorado, but looking forward to cool ocean breezes on the Oregon Coast.

    Safe travels and take care…


    August 13, 2012
    • Stephen #

      nice meeting you too – so glad I was able to catch up with the WINs. Sky diving was a great experience – I think you should give it a try too some day 🙂 sorry to hear about bumps in the road – safe travels to Oregon – take care


      August 15, 2012

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