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High Energy RV’ers

Well, it was time to move on again

Hated to leave my mesa looking up at Mt Shavano, but new adventures were just up the road…

I had encountered single RVer’s since I had started this journey – most were members of WIN’s – Wandering Individual Network

They describe themselves as a group of single RV owners that love to travel and have fun – a high-energy group of mostly retired adults who hike, bike, kayak, dance, tour, sail, boat, raft, ride horses , etc etc etc – in other words, a group that generally makes most folks tired just thinking about all they do.

My RVer friend – C – who had started out only months before I did had become an active member and had encouraged me to meet the group at some point in my travels

Turns put they were caravanning around Colorado for the summer – most of the time just over a mountain pass from me – close enough that it made sense to meet.

So, on to Longmont, CO. On to the Moose Lodge there – yup – no scenic landscape site this time – but virtually free dry camping/boondocking close to a variety of activities they enjoy…

There would be hiking and jeeping in/around nearby Rocky Mountain National Park; biking along the paths that stretch for miles all the way to Boulder; trip to the farmers market; evening outings to local spots; an afternoon dinner/theatre event; and, sky diving and maybe even some hot air ballooning – in other words – a very full week

Well I had to climb Mt Shavano 🙂 so wouldn’t be with them the entire time

But – C – did you say sky diving ??? It’s on my bucket list…sign me up…

So, on Sunday at 7am , 4 of us were at Mile Hi Sky Diving Center – a few short miles from the lodge; only 12 miles from Boulder and 25 miles from Denver – all sights we would be seeing during our tandem jump – outstanding – let’s do it!!

A twin engine turbine prop aircraft carried us to 17,500 feet above sea level and then – just like that – I am jumping out of a perfectly good airplane

I had arranged to have my jump photographed and video taped so every moment was captured for posterity

…my jump partner, Ian , was super experienced and controlled everything superbly ; Steve the photographer was everywhere capturing it all –

I had the ride of my life – didn’t want it to end; wanted to go straight back up and do it again –

First, there was that moment in the doorway when I thought – “look how high up we are; this is going to be amazing; I can’t believe I am really doing this…”

And, then it’s out the door…thinking…”this is out of this world experience; I am falling towards the ground at 130 mph”

and, not just falling, but Ian has us spinning and soaring; Steve is soaring in and out and around us taking pictures; wow – this is beyond belief

and, now time for an altitude check; then time to wave good bye to Steve as Ian opens the main chute

and now we’re floating in silence; spinning around to take it all in – Denver on the horizon; the Rocky Mountain Front Range to the West; lakes all around us

slowly but surely like a glider we made our way to the landing area –

a huge target filled with inches of pea gravel to ease the landing – no worry about catching a foot in some turf – just slide in on my ass and grind into the pea gravel

damn – that was fun – this WIN group really knows how to amp it up…

still thinking about it – have watched the video a number of times – can’t wipe the smile off my face 🙂

and, yet the day still wasn’t over – time to clean up and take in My Fair Lady at the local theatre club…

then, time to grab some dinner…

like I said, makes most folks tired just thinking about the pace this group is keeping

I have really enjoyed meeting this group – think I may be high energy enough for them too – at least that’s’ what a couple of members suggested – damn, high praise from some non-stop folks –

they’ve been great fun these past few days

But time to move on. I am heading to nearby St Vrain State Park for a little bit of R & R; time to plan August in WY and MT; maybe get a little more fishing in – I like having options…

As for the WINs, they’re actually heading south to Denver and then on to Salida – in fact, the mesa where I was parked for a week – a spot they put me on to in the first place …

Wonder if anyone will hear the sirens of MT Shavano and make a climb??

Take care…see you down the road…safe travels all…

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  1. OK…OK…Stop it! All of these great adventures are just making me green with envy. Green is not my best color. So glad you’re having a blast!

    August 1, 2012
    • Stephen #

      it really has been an unbelievable run of fun – I have really been surprised how much I have thoroughly enjoyed Colorado – so much to do outdoors – I’m hoping it will continue as I move up into WY and then MT over the coming weeks – thanks for following along and taking a moment to comment – safe travels out there

      August 2, 2012
  2. Carleen #

    S, so glad you finally hooked up with us WINs! You do fit right in! Like you, I have watched my own skydiving video numerous times, loving every moment. I was pumped and all “gung ho” right up to the moment when I stood in the open door of the plane and looked down. Screamed, “OMG, No!!!” But my tandem guy must have thought I said “Geronimo!”—and out we went!! It was the most wonderful, awesome experience of my life! I will do that again! and again! Thanks for going along, making the ground preps such a blast, and sharing the memories! “C”

    August 1, 2012
    • Stephen #

      what an amazing experience – thanks so much for inviting me to come along and meet the WINs but especially including me in the sky dive – what an incredible experience – so much fun – and, yes, definitely will do it again – safe travels

      August 2, 2012

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