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Honey Do’s

Honey Do’s


honey do’s

Chores assigned by ones mate (usually wife). This list normally includes household chores or errands and typically are assigned at the most innnoportune moments (ie: Sports event, relax time, vacations or days off, snow days, etc..).

As in… “ I’d love to go to the bar with you fellas but the old lady has a bunch of honey do’s for me. She needs the gutters cleaned, leaves raked, leaky faucet fixed, and a box of tampons.”

Well, you’d think I would have climbed that 14er outside my window by now!

Nope – after posting about my big plans the other day, I realized that if I kept up the pace of the last couple of months, nothing was going to get done around here on the “honey do” list.

Hell, I don’t even have a “honey” unless you call S – the Reluctant RVer – a honey. But other than the shower hose, she didn’t’ put anything on the list. It’s all my fault.

So, instead of hanging the “gone fishing” sign on the rig, it was time to get some things done that I had been putting off.

Nope – this ain’t no vacation journey you see – the condo on wheels – the Bunkhouse – like a stix and brix house (more of that RV jargon) – needs some upkeep and cleaning from time to time – a little TLC

Well, it was well past time on some things.

No worry though – weather forecast was looking a little weak so figured to bang it all out now and then head out.

Yup – yours truly finally got it right – it rained, it hailed, it blew hard – for a much of a couple of afternoons – no time to be standing in a river waiving a lightening rod 🙂

So, time to dig out the toolbox and get after it

Install a lock hasp to keep the bad guys away from my good stuff…Fix that shower hose I mentioned

Finally put that long straight air pressure hose on the compressor –

simply hated that damn coiled one that is the OEM version

Clean up the place a little; fix a strap; clean the grill….

Updates for all the software – damn process takes forever but had a good signal so finally so needed to get ‘er done…

Nothing really exciting when it all comes down to it – but you all know that don’t ya’

Bet you got your own honey do list hanging over your head – you do – don’t ya’ 🙂

well, I am done for now – took some time to rig a few fly fishing spools and get ready for fishing

So, guess where I am heading now…

take care…see you down the road

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