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Houston We Have a Problem

Houston we have a problem…

now what the #&%#

Just when you thought it was safe to launch…

I spend all the time, energy and monies to get everything tuned up and ready to roll and what happens….

DOA in FDR State Park

Good News: It didn’t get bad until I was at my destination.
Bad New: The Bunkhouse is dead—now what
Good News: I am in a great location to enjoy some down time
Bad News: I speak to numerous folks on the 1-800-what the hell numbers and get numerous ideas for the cause
Good News: Yancey Brothers—best Cat team in Georgia- has a location 25 miles from me
Bad News: It’s going to cost me
Good News: They will work me in and get me going asap!!

Yup-my emotions were on a damn roller coaster… how could this happen??

After enjoying some time at my “temporary home base” (ie- Stone Mountain Park ) I thought I had done all the right things to prepare for the epic journey. Kind of like Lewis and Clark, I was ready to hit the road for parts unknown!

Seems a little sensor on the Cat C7 engine had other plans…

I had no sooner hit the Interstate that the engine temperature gauge started fluctuating—initially in the normal range but then over time in the elevated range. And then on the last few miles into Pine Mountain, all hell broke loose with bells and warnings and so forth…

Later, after determining it must be a faulty gauge, the engine wouldn’t start…now what…for a second time….

Yancey Brothers to the rescue. Wayne came out and double checked that nothing too terribly major was going on. He also showed me how to restart the engine on the service date AND told me about the new-to-me concept of “derating”…say what…????

Yup, since the engine’s brains “thought” the engine was overheating (it wasn’t) it would start to reduce power and torque and go into “engine protect mode”. What that meant to me was I would likely be going 35-40 MPH down the interstate to get to Yancey….sounded like great fun ☺ But at least I could get there…

As much as I tried to enjoy the incredible weather and beauty of nearby Callaway Gardens, I was just a bit (maybe a little more than a bit) nervous about things.

As it turned out, it was no fun going down an interstate in slow motion but it was great to work with such a great team at Yancey Bros in Columbus GA. Thanks again to the whole team–Bobby, Mike, Pam and Joe and Wayne–outstanding customer service, patience and great work!!

Joe spent a few hours and quickly made the repairs to the Bunkhouse….I was back at FDR in no time…

and, decided to extend my stay—to relax finally; get the cameras out as Callaway was exploding with color

when it was all said and done, I realized that my worry was overblown…folks had warned me “it’s always something…” but I guess I had to go through that first trial to learn the lesson

Guess it’s fair to say I need to keep things in better perspective in the future

More to come on Callaway in a future post….

See you down the road

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  1. Pamela Talbott #

    We were so glad to help! Really enjoyed meeting you and getting you rolling again on your jouney! When you come back this way, stop and see the Yancey Team!!

    March 31, 2012
    • Stephen #

      thanks again for everything-the entire team was so great to work with. I sent Jim C (regional boss??) a note on you guys–hope he passed on the well deserved “atta boy”

      April 2, 2012
  2. Pamela Talbott #

    We sure did! Thank you!

    April 12, 2012

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