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I Am A Texan Again

“What Texans can dream, Texans can do.”
– George W. Bush

Damn Yankee is a Texan Again…wonder if W would approve??

In 1990 the family and I moved to Texas for greener pastures and I became a Texan for the first time. Spent 10 years there and generally loved every one of them…Amazing how this Yankee adapted so well.

Fast forward to 2011…time to once again decide about a new domicile…

“Your domicile is not that RV tooling down the highways and byways of America. Your domicile is fixed—that means it doesn’t move.” From the Escapees bulletin “How To Become a Real Texan”

Now that I am free to travel and wander like a nomad–no ties, no city, no state, etc.—I needed to reconcile that that the law and certain other aspects of life don’t seem to like that notion. Problem is the law seldom has a good, solid definition that can be used for all circumstances.

For full-timing RV’ers without a fixed home you can basically set up legal residence just about anywhere as long as you plan it out. According to most “experts” you have to have to “intent” to establish “permanent” day-to-day living arrangements—think doctor, church, voting, jury duty, vehicle registration and registration, etc etc.

Several states are “RV-friendly” and have the bonus of no state income tax. South Dakota, Texas, Tennessee and Florida all come to mind. South Dakota and Texas are a fairly common choices, and most full-timers tend to end up choosing one of these 2 states…both are true “no income tax” states, have low car registration fees and decent insurance rates.

I had two reasons for choosing Texas-health insurance “portability” from ATL was a priority factor (does anyone really live in SD ☺ … according to my great health insco agent… few inscos write there )

And, secondly, the Escapees Club has proven to be a great advocate for the nomads that full-timers are—got the right to vote and jury duty as well as getting the mail drop defined as a true/physical address—incredibly important on numerous legal/financial services fronts.

So, I now “live” in Livingston…north of Houston, TX…nice little town on Lake Livingston in Polk County…a very, very friendly RV town

It’s where I got my new drivers license which I blogged about earlier

All in all the “move” was relatively painless and it’s kind of nice being a Texan again

Like W suggested…dream and dream big and then do…

See you down the road….

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