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I Shot the TV

I Shot the TV

This will be a brief post – after all, I am too embarrassed to say too much about my stupid mistake

I shot the TV – OK not literally – and, not even a clean kill – but it was dying a slow death so it was needing to be finished off ….

Now many of you know I am an avid outdoorsman – my fav’s are bow hunting elk and fly fishing – but I enjoy all the fish and game pursuits.

Well, I tagged a TV a few weeks ago ☹

Yup, I was grilling a steak outside and despite my best efforts some large Texas moths ( remember everything is bigger in Texas ☺ ) got in and were landing on the TV. So I grabbed the dish towel – my firearm of choice in the kitchen – and snapped at the moths with it

Yup – you guessed it – missed the moths but managed to kill some pixels on the TV –a nice white bullet hole appeared –S#%& !!

Well, that nice little white hole has been getting bigger and bigger and even colorful stripes were appearing on the TV

Can’t watch Charlie Sheen hopping in the sack with a couple of ladies with a TV like that…

So, brand new TV was necessary – and, being green now with my solar install – why not a super efficient LED TV from Samsung – reduced my power consumption a bunch – guess there’s a silver lining in everything . And, I got one of the “smart TV’s” – now I can connect to the internet through my RV network – bonus!!

With Marvin finished on the solar install I had him remove the old TV and bracket and build a new bracket mount – and , like the solar install, Marvin was meticulous with this job too

A few hours of work – remember, measure twice, cut once – I was up and running — nice!!

I promised brief so that’s all I am saying about this stupid – and ultimately expensive mistake –

thanks again Marvin for another outstanding effort

See you down the road…

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  1. Mark #

    What about the space below the TV?

    May 6, 2012
    • Stephen #

      good question – have some trim to cover it but looking into the sound bars that are around and would fit–and, since LED TV speakers are on the bottom I need to do something anyways to make sure volume is sufficient to enjoy the set

      thanks for following along

      May 8, 2012
  2. Suzanne #

    Very nice

    May 7, 2012

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