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It’s always something

It takes a village…

Just a brief post to remind us all – s#@$ happens – just got to keep it all in perspective 🙂

Came back from a great day in the field hiking and looking for wildlife to discover that someone had hit the RV

A hit and run no less…no note, nothing – just a “scar” on the driver side front corner and broken rear view mirror

A call to Tiffin and they tell me it’s a $725 replacement – damn!

But – and as I have posted before – enter stage left – help is here 🙂

I have repeatedly been impressed with how supportive the RV community is to one another and this situation proved to be no exception

I have no sooner got the tools out when I am surrounded by a number of folks looking to lend a hand – and – all of them more knowledgeable than me about all things RVing

The collective wisdom and ideas led to a fix – John and I head off to Ace Hardware for supplies – and in a short time I am back in business

Thanks Larry and John and all the rest of the Gros Ventre Loop A team who came to show support and lend some help and share some ideas

With order restored in the universe, time to go climbing…

Take care – see you down the road

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