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Micro Spaces

“Come on Dad…you could live like this…”

Awhile ago I wrote that my daughter-in her infinite wisdom-seemed to bless the whole idea of me heading out in an RV. Smart young woman…

Likewise, another “wise one” ☺ – my nephew N – leant a new definition to the RV living spaces. While in Boston for the Christmas holidays, he mentioned new apartment building going on in South Boston which were being described as “micro apartments”…we soon were discussing the similarities of those apartments with the Bunkhouse.

After all, isn’t the Bunkhouse simply a “condo on wheels” and, instead of supersizing like a McDonald’s meal, it is simply “micro-sized”…

So, for today’s post I thought I would invite you in for an “adult beverage” (come on-use your imagination!) and show you around the place…and, I think you might need a couple of visuals to get the idea of things…

I am like Gulliver in a world of small places… ( I said you needed to use your imagination…)

The RV is a world that has been shrunk…(yup, imagination time again)

The fact of the matter — this condo on wheels; the (sometimes unhappy) marriage of house and truck; the “micro spaces” — has everything I had in a “stix & brix house” (welcome to RV speak)…

Full disclosure…to get to this point, I did have to make some modifications/improvements to an otherwise outstanding RV…added a desk and additional cabinets; put in a compact washer and dryer (i.e. “Honey I Shrunk The Kids”); put in a residential refrigerator; installed an RV antenna and signal booster

Come on in…

Here’s the office…yup—simply had to bring along the big IMac—pictures just look better on the big screen…and, it is a great screen for viewing movies…and, yes those speakers/subwoofer put out some great sound too…learning to love Pandora while on the road

The recliner isn’t the best office chair but it great for watching TV up on the big screen over the driver cockpit

And, by the way…have a seat in those driving chairs—go ahead, they turn around so I can have a small party in my living room…

Yes, glad you noticed the magazine pile…I still get mail regularly and read some of my favorite magazines (Garden & Gun; Wired Magazine; Outdoor Photography; Bon Appetite…varied reading, eh? Come on, you knew all along I was a renaissance man.)

Oh, by the way, yes, that is my self published book from my initial journey on the coffee table-“Dreams Unfolding”…go ahead, take a look – think you might like it … I do read the Wall Street Journal and New York Times online along with a few other online ezines (the ONION, etc) but do enjoy sitting around flipping through a magazine too

Now most of you know I am a foodie so a good kitchen is a necessity…need all the appliances and tools of the trade.

Yes, that is a convention oven/microwave over the stove and it rocks…and so does the slow cooker, the pressure cooker, the blender….you get the idea now that I am very fully equipped and can whip up some great dishes

The pantry and liquor cabinet are well stocked too as is that residential Whirlpool refrigerator and freezer…just like in ATL-lamb, pork, fish, beef and chicken

There’s also a kitchen island that slides out of the cabinetry to give me lots of prep space (OK-perhaps here you can think Gulliver’s Travels)

Now turn around and here is the dining room…and, note the real china, stainless, and real glasses… no camping in this condo!

The cabinets around/above the office and dining table hold office supplies and my library of photography, travel, and RV reference books—even have a few of my favorite cookbooks.

Further back you’ll find the rest of the micro spaces…

The bedroom has a nice queen bed and micro closet along with that washer and dryer I mentioned. I also have a TV for viewing some of those late night shows while I am getting ready for bed

The bathroom amenities are actually quite good too…sort of a bath and half…WC with sink/vanity along with a nice shower stall and another sink/vanity in the pass thru area to the bedroom.

All in all, Mr Tiffin built a nice place to call home

I thought it interesting that S apparently found it nice too-overheard her telling a friend during the week she was in Austin with me that “…it had a nice living space, fully equipped kitchen…” and so forth

Yeah!! She likes the Bunkhouse after all…

Sung to Kenny Chesney’s “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy

“….Well she ain’t into cars or pickup trucks
But if it runs like a Deere man her eyes light up

She thinks my RV’s
She thinks my RV’s sexy
It really turns her on
She’s always starin’ at me
While I’m chuggin’ along
She likes the way it’s pullin’ while we’re tillin’ up the land
She’s even kind of crazy ’bout my farmer’s tan
She’s the only one who really understands what gets me

She thinks my RV’s sexy
She thinks my RV’s sexy
She thinks my RV’s sexy…”

OK—maybe a stretch but, damn, this is one fine way to travel. Or as Tiffin says in the tagline

“Roughing It Smoothly”

Well, thanks for stopping by…hope you enjoyed the tour

See you down the road

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