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An explosion of color

Pine Mountain GA…if you have to be broke down somewhere, it might as well be beautiful…

I had come to stay at F. D. Roosevelt State Park – 9,049 acres and one of Georgia’s largest state parks. It’s a hiker’s and backpacker’s haven with more than 40 miles of trails –but I had come to see Callaway Gardens. Read more

Houston We Have a Problem

Houston we have a problem…

now what the #&%#

Just when you thought it was safe to launch…

I spend all the time, energy and monies to get everything tuned up and ready to roll and what happens….

DOA in FDR State Park Read more

Temporary Home Base

Dateline Thanksgiving 2011, and I am the proud owner of a new-to-me Tiffin motorhome. Now what…

After examining the RV for the infamous Tiffin wet bay floor problem I am not surprised to see I am afflicted with said scourge—and, it’s quite severe!!! Read more

The Shakedown Cruise

Getting to know Interstate 20 really well

Four months ago I started out on a trip with a dual purpose – drive out to the Escapees RV Boot Camp to finalize my understanding of these things and how folks live this way as well as take a route that would take me to see various dealers that had good inventories of used Tiffins.

Little did I think that in a few short months I would come to know I-20 very well ☺ and would put a few thousand miles on the rig simply getting things ready. Read more

Freedom to Roam

Since the 1990’s, Southwest Air has been running a television commercial around their tagline “wanna get away?” The ads present comical, embarrassing situations in which people find themselves wanting to “get away”. Most of the ads are accompanied by the sound clip “[ding] You are now free to move about the country”—an obvious riff on the in-flight announcement that “you are now free to move about the cabin”. Read more

On A Lighter Note…

Early on in my transition from “suit” to “executive in transition” (per daughter #1) or “early retiree” (per daughter #2) or “unemployed” (per then wife) I visited Big Bend National Park for a photography workshop.

An amazing place in its own right but I also remember the old mining town of Terlingua Read more

Your First One…

Your First One…

Do you remember your first one?? The first “nice” SLR?? The one you lusted for!! You read the reviews!! You maybe even took one for a “test drive”. The one you saved for; used gift money for; raided the piggy bank for!! You know what I’m talking about-don’t you!! Read more

Magic Powers and Time Machines…

The feedback from folks I have worked for or photographed with often repeat a theme “…it is great to have a set of images that will help us remember years from now what a great evening/event/vacation/workshop/etc it was…”. Isn’t that why Read more