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The Pacific Ocean

“The object of your mission… the Pacific Ocean.”

Thomas Jefferson to Meriwether Lewis, June 20, 1803

After a long run from Bend up and over the coastal range, I too found the object of my current mission – the Oregon Coast and the Pacific Ocean.

Four miles after turning off my westerly route and hitting Highway 101 south, I saw the iconic rock formations off Cannon Beach – my first stop on my coastal tour. Read more

Exploring Bend

I mentioned in my previous post that I tried to strike a balance between exploring Bend and stopping along the Ale Trail – mission accomplished!!

My hope was to get a sense of the place by exploring the town itself as well as some of the surrounding countryside – several days was not enough to do it all, but my stay there confirmed what my friends on the Magic Bus had discovered – Bend is a very nice spot in central Oregon! Read more

Ale Trail

Yup, you read that right – not the Oregon Trail as you might be thinking – nope – the Bend experience isn’t complete without heading out on the Ale Trail

For a thousand good reasons Bend, Oregon is widely known as the premier outdoor playground of the United States. But a lesser known element of the Bend Experience is the city’s extraordinary abundance of craft beer – incredibly delicious craft beer! In our little mountain town of 82,000 people, Bend has 14 world-class craft breweries (and counting) within a short distance of one another. Bend has more breweries per capita than any other city in Oregon and is often referred to as Beer Town USA because it’s you versus beer in Bend, Oregon! Read more

Oregon Adventure Town

I have been to a few outdoor adventure towns on this journey but I am starting to think they might have been a warm-up to my latest stop – Bend, Oregon.

I had been hearing about Bend for awhile in various magazines but when fellow RV’ers – Ross and Robin in the Magic Bus – did what I did in Ouray CO – i.e. – become so enamored with a place that they extended and extended their stay in Bend in their case for 2 months – I figured this place was definitely worth a visit.

I came here to explore the area, but, not only is this my “journey of discovery”, a “journey de cuisine”, but it is also a “journey to find someplace pretty” – a place to call home if/when it’s time to land the Bunkhouse. Bend sounded like a place worthy of an extended visit of my own. Read more

Hanging a Left

After a great time exploring Glacier NP, it was time to decide “where to next?”. The RV jello plans I had loosely outlined in my head for this journey had me working my way up the Rockies and finishing this part of the travel in Glacier and then deciding whether to head east or west…well, as I noted in my last post, while driving north, I had decided to hang a left turn…it’s time to head further west.

I backtracked initially to Missoula to map out some plans to get to the Oregon coast – sucked in a lot of bad, smoky air while there (I am sick of smoke) – and, decided to make a couple of stops along the way – first, to the Palouse region of eastern Washington and then on to Bend, Oregon – another one of those adventure towns that I was told I needed to stop in. Read more

Backbone of the World

“No words can describe the grandeur and majesty of the mountains, and even photographs seem hopelessly to dwarf and belittle the impressive peaks.”

George Bird Grinnell, 1901

Yup – seems I have found myself in another one of those places of staggering beauty where, like the Grand Canyon and elsewhere, others have struggled – as I will – to capture the place in words and photographs.

Grandeur and Majesty…a land called the “backbone of the world” by native Americans Read more

Crown of the Continent

“Far away in Montana, hidden from view by clustering mountain-peaks, lies an unmapped northwestern corner- the Crown of the Continent. The water from the crusted snowdrift which caps the peak of a lofty mountain there trickles into tiny rills, which hurry along north, south, east and west, and growing to rivers, at last pour their currents into three seas. From this mountain-peak the Pacific and the Arctic oceans and the Gulf of Mexico receive each its tribute. Here is a land of striking scenery.” —

– George Bird Grinnell, “The Crown of the Continent” in The Century Magazine, 1901

As I mentioned in the last post, it was time to move on – we had extended our time in the Bozeman area to see and do as much as we could here, but it was time to head north to Glacier National Park. Read more

Yellowstone’s North End

I mentioned in the previous post, there was no shortage of activities for us around the Bozeman area. S and I certainly had plenty to do, but the trip to the area wouldn’t be complete without visiting Yellowstone.

And, as I mentioned, we planned an overnight stay in Gardiner, MT to avoid the multi hour drive a one day visit would have entailed.

So, leaving the rig in Bozeman, we headed up through beautiful Paradise Valley – fires were still visible in the hills above the Yellowstone River but the winds were carrying it West – so we were able to enjoy a wonderful drive up to Gardiner and into Yellowstone for a 2 day visit. Read more