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The Sirens of Mt Shavano

In Greek mythology, the Sirens were dangerous and devious creatures, portrayed as femmes fatales who lured nearby sailors with their enchanting music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island.

Well, after a week of watching the sun go down behind Mt Shavano, I think I was hearing the sirens of the mountain – of course, it might have been the adult beverages – or, maybe feeling I had been sitting too much and not hiking enough…

Whatever the reason, I went to my 14er website bookmark and checked the route out… Read more

Along the Scenic Byways

After a couple of days of “honey do’s”, it was time to further explore this incredible Arkansas Valley.

Now you’re all wondering why I have the Penn logo as the post’s featured image – fair question – it will become clear in a minute – well sort of…

What most of you don’t know is that this nomad is an Ivy League educated SOB – yup – mother J was a school teacher and her kids were going to get the best education possible – and , the scholar Gods shone upon poor young Stephen – damn generous package of scholarships, grants, and work study made it all possible. Read more

Honey Do’s

Honey Do’s


honey do’s

Chores assigned by ones mate (usually wife). This list normally includes household chores or errands and typically are assigned at the most innnoportune moments (ie: Sports event, relax time, vacations or days off, snow days, etc..).

As in… “ I’d love to go to the bar with you fellas but the old lady has a bunch of honey do’s for me. She needs the gutters cleaned, leaves raked, leaky faucet fixed, and a box of tampons.”

Well, you’d think I would have climbed that 14er outside my window by now! Read more

Another Adventure Town

Salida, CO

Yesterday I posted what was at the bottom of Monarch Pass promised to be another junkie dose of outdoors.

A quick visit to the visitors center and the public lands office confirmed all of that and more

In fact, not only an adventure town but also a favorite top choice for living and retiring as well as all the outdoor fun. How come I hadn’t heard of all this? It was in all the news…. Read more

Good-Bye Ouray

“Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday.”

― John Wayne

Mr Wayne had a way with words didn’t he 🙂

Yup, more John Wayne – after all, I have been in Wayne country now for a couple of months – rode with him in Monument Valley and on to Moab and finally into True Grit Country. But, time to saddle up and head off on my own for new parts… Read more

Trout Magic

“Take up the fly rod, and the shotgun, and before you know it, you’re an outcast, a social leper, rejected by your family, despised by your neighbors, mistrusted by your community….The final question is, should any man turn his back on ambition, profit, security, and a parking place in the city, just to pursue a fish?”

-Harry Middleton – The Earth is Enough

I really enjoy outdoor stories and also enjoy finding quotes that seem to sum things up so succinctly – so – hope you’ll enjoy a few too… Read more

On Top of the World

On top of the world…

Or so it seemed to me as I stood on the summit of my first “14er”.

Spectacular…Awe-inspiring…Breath-taking… A truly beautiful scene spread out in every direction…

Getting to the top of Mt Sneffels was grueling but once there all that was forgotten – now pure exhilaration was pumping through me! Despite being told by a few folks that “you don’t start climbing 14ers with Mt Sneffels”, I was so thrilled to be on the summit with incredible 360 degree views of these wonderful San Juans. Read more

Four Wheeling & Flowers in the San Juans

I mentioned in a previous post that Ouray bills itself as the “Switzerland of America” but it is also known as the Jeep Capital of America. And, unlike in Moab UT where all the Jeep and ATV folks appeared to be hardcore off-road enthusiasts, here in Ouray even a hack like me could rent a top of the line Jeep Rubicon to get into the high country.

Now it’s not a cheap undertaking, but I decided to break the budget and rent a Rubicon for a few days and go exploring the old mining towns, climb over a few mountain passes, and get into the alpine basins to photograph the wildflowers. Read more