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Thoughts at 30,000 feet

Hard to believe it’s been nearly a month since I posted to the blog. I guess I should have realized I was long overdue when I received a few emails wondering if I driven off the road or, worse, fallen into the Grand Canyon.

So, now at 30,000 feet, I thought I should check in….

Yup, I said 30,000 feet – no scenic byways today – had to park the rig for a week and head out of Denver to Atlanta to attend to some personal biz and tie up some loose ends there. Read more

A Ring of Fire

“Zeus, the father of the
Olympic Gods, turned
mid-day into night, hiding the light
of the dazzling Sun;
and sore fear came upon men.”
Archilochus (c680-c640 BC), Greek poet

After S left Sedona, I decided to do a little “boondocking” (unplug from the grid as it were) and test the solar system . I also hoped clearer air would permit a bit of reasonable photography in Red Rock Country. Clear air was not in the cards due to the nearby fires so on May 20 I decided it was time to move on and time to go see the “ring of fire” in Grand Canyon National Park.

“….Sore fear was not upon me…” ☺ Read more

Across the Verde Valley

While Sedona offered plenty to do, S and I decided to explore other points of interest in Verde Valley – named for the Verde River that runs though it – and surrounded by mountains holding the minerals that brought the early settlers to the region. Read more

Red Rock Country

“God created the Grand Canyon, but HE lives in Sedona”
— New York Times 1997

After Marvin finished up the solar installation and the TV work, it was time to explore the area – Sedona and its Red Rock formation, numerous hiking trails, and vortexes; the old mining town of Jerome now the site of galleries and cafes; and, the rest of Verde Valley. Read more

Maybe…The Myth of Talent

Creative work only seems like a magic trick to people who don’t understand that it’s ultimately still work.
-Read it somewhere but don’t recall where…

I have been overwhelmed by the nice feedback on the images I have been posting on my journey – appreciate so much folks taking the time to follow along and let me know they are enjoying the images Read more

The Toad

A surprising number of folks have asked me how I am able to explore so much from my 40’ motorhome – It’ so big they said; how do you get around town in that thing they would ask….

I realized they didn’t know I had another vehicle in tow – makes life a whole lot easier ☺ This provides a convenient runabout vehicle for shopping or sightseeing while leaving the motorhome at the RV park – Very nice arrangement if you ask me. I use my toad almost daily- a small SUV. Read more

I Shot the TV

I Shot the TV

This will be a brief post – after all, I am too embarrassed to say too much about my stupid mistake

I shot the TV – OK not literally – and, not even a clean kill – but it was dying a slow death so it was needing to be finished off ….

Now many of you know I am an avid outdoorsman – my fav’s are bow hunting elk and fly fishing – but I enjoy all the fish and game pursuits.

Well, I tagged a TV a few weeks ago ☹ Read more

Harnessing the Sun

Harnessing the Sun

“Someday man will harness the rise and fall of the tides, imprison the power of the sun, and release atomic power.”

– Thomas Edison

Thomas was a sharp guy! I decided I would try a little of that “imprisoning the power of the sun” stuff Read more