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Hi! I’m Stephen and welcome to my blog – the story and imagery from my journey around this extraordinary country – living a dream and as the tagline of the blog says:

Living my dream of a second act, selling it all, traveling around the U.S. in my RV and playing Ansel Adams along the way. Telling tales and taking pictures.

I spent nearly 30 years as a “suit” –leading the typical life of university, career, family, community accompanied by all the trappings of success—the cars, homes, vacations, and lots of toys. I loved every minute of it—it was , in fact, the first part of my dream. But I also had other dreams – more chapters to write in my “book” –no one act existence for me ☺

I wanted to travel and also find a way to express more of my creative side. I spent nearly thirty years on Wall Street in institutional sales and sales management. During that time I tried to strike a balance between the whole left brain/right brain mindset. To express the so-called right brain/creative side, in addition to photography, I’ve built models of old sailing ships with all their intricate rigging; tied flies for my fly fishing; submitted articles to outdoor magazines; wrote investment newsletters; taught. And, as I already mentioned, loved every bit of it!

But I am bit by the travel and photography bug – it’s been a lifelong dream of mine to get “out there” – but to do so on another level – no more packing, dashing in, playing tourist, reentry to normal – you know the drill.

I love history so now I can slow down and explore life in America on my timetable and have a chance to absorb more of it; love the natural wonder out there and can “stop and smell the flowers” for as long as I want; fly fish all the rivers that need to be fished; photograph all the scenic wonder out there; immerse myself in the incredible variety of local cultures around the country and indulging in all the culinary, recreational and artistic opportunities in this wonderful country.

Like many fulfilling this kind of dream it didn’t happen in a straight line. The train wreck that we now call the Great Recession was a whole lot more bruising than I anticipated—I left the madness that Wall Street had become for a “sabbatical” and to take stock but it was not all fun and games what with divorce, real estate setbacks, and Citi stock becoming virtually worthless. I grew a beard and let my hair get long and dreamed of the next chapter

Unwilling to deviate from the path I had chosen, I followed my “true North” – remember I mentioned I wanted, at a minimum, a “sabbatical” and maybe even a “second act” that was not purely traditional – and traveled extensively to many of the beautiful places many of us only dream about—took a number of photography workshops as well as visiting a number of amazing places. Over the last few years, I have visited nearly a dozen National Parks and National Monuments as well as other quite stunning photographic locations.

No—despite not having an RV I assure you I did not hitch hike to Big Bend nor walk to Death Valley but I did explore some amazing places and this simply added fuel to the fire.

And it seemed that all the pictures taken of me had me smiling—does this guy look happy or what ☺ me thinks I need to get out there more!!

So in Spring of 2011 things were starting to be put in motion towards the RV goal.

By mid-summer, the house was gone; had sold or donated many of the trappings of the first half of my life; the “keepers” put into storage.

Through the Fall and Winter of 2011, I disentangled myself from the traditional “grid” and then purchased/prepped a used RV.

So now it’s time to hit the road.

I hope you’ll enjoy the blog –

it’s about the journey and the scenery along the way.

Its’ about a guy following his dream for a second act –living and working on the road.

It’s about sharing my musings on life in America, travel, photos, stories, and anything else which gets my attention.

I will be alternately serious, philosophical, irreverent and hopefully sometimes funny;

a storyteller and image maker; but always a dreamer at heart—

I hope to also provide a little bit of inspiration to others about getting out their and fulfilling their dreams

See you down the road…..

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  1. Mary #

    Love it! Great to see how well life is treating you.

    October 2, 2012
    • Stephen #

      thanks for taking a look and following along – yes, so far things are going pretty well – except for the smoke everywhere I have been, the journey and sites and experiences have been extraordinary

      October 2, 2012
  2. Thanks for the comment on our blog & happy to have had a chance to check out yours. I actually look forward to reading your posts & comparing how things went a year ago – how great we left around the same time! I hope you are enjoying this lovely Oregon weather – do let us know if you head north towards Portland. 🙂

    November 2, 2012
    • Stephen #

      thanks for stopping by and commenting here too – your stories have been inspiring – it’s been an interesting read as we did start at the same time and shared many similar experiences. as for this weather – starting to forget what sunshine looked like – ready for this rain to stop! take care

      November 3, 2012
  3. Randi #

    Awesome stuff and love the risk you took on having an Act #2. I hope more travels are to come for you and us to enjoy!

    (James’ gf from FWCo)

    September 11, 2015
    • Stephen #

      thanks for taking a look – great meeting you – James and the team were great while I was in Bethesda

      September 20, 2015

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