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Seminole State Park

Seminole State Park

Next up on the journey I decided to head for another noted GA State Park – Seminole State Park – right down on the GA, FL, AL border.

This particular Georgia Park is on beautiful Lake Seminole, a 37,500-acre reservoir with excellent boating, fishing and birding. The lake is a reservoir created by the Jim Woodruff Dam and both the Chattahoochee and Flint rivers join in the lake before flowing from the lake as the Apalachicola River. (yup, for those paying attention that would be the same Chattahoochee River that flows through my old stomping grounds in ATL! ) And like I said, being right down on the border of three states, portions of the lake are in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

I had first heard about the park from a blogger I follow:
They had some interesting things to say about the park—and, I got a kick out of their note about the 3 state intersection: …closest to the town of Chattahoochee, Florida, but we are just across the state line and the address says Bainbridge, Georgia. The campground runs on Eastern time, but our cell phones switched to Central time. 🙂

I was also very interested to read about the park:

Wildlife is abundant throughout Seminole, and a nature trail leads past gopher tortoise burrows, a wetland boardwalk and one of the largest longleaf pine forests in a Georgia state park. Observant visitors may also see alligators, osprey, bald eagles and other wildlife.

Sounded like a great destination…maybe time to break out and test drive the new, inflatable kayak ( a guy has to have his toys along ) that I purchased on the recommendation of another RV’er whose own adventure I have enjoyed following and who has been helpful on a number of fronts…Brent at Hortons Travels

Maybe time to do a little bass fishing too! After all, I had read that Lake Seminole has been ranked 5th best bass fishing lake in the US and hosts many bass tournaments including B.A.S.S. sponsored tournaments.

Another fact I had learned about was that in February of 1968, nearby Lunker Lodge was the venue for the first event of the fledging B.A.S.S., the Seminole Lunker tournament. And, I learned Lunker Lodge was also the site of one of the most important meetings in the sport’s history when B.A.S.S. founders convinced a former Georgia governor and the local manager of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that Lake Seminole should be the site of B.A.S.S.’ first tournament.

And, although I long ago had given up my BASS membership (yup…became a “bubba” when I moved to Texas). I have always been supportive and belonged to these clubs like BASS, RMEF, TU, DU, etc ( a veritable alphabet soup of organizations that support, advance, and protect our hunting and fishing activities and wildlife environs. )

Luckily I managed to grab a site right on the lake section in the Park…outstanding base from which to explore the surroundings.

Whereas GA Vets only gave me a hint of the wetlands and Spanish moss and such to come in southern parts…Seminole and the surrounding area offered up lots of wetlands and Spanish moss. The “landmark trees” of Bainbridge, GA that guarded the historic homes were draped in it as was the osprey nest I discovered nearby. And, the wetlands made for some interesting photo opps.

Now with any RV planning, changes will occur to the original plan. In my case, after discovering the osprey nest and seeing numerous bald eagles, I decided to “hunt” the wildlife I had read about and save the kayak test drive and fishing for another time. Of course, unlike so many of my other “hunting outings” I would only be shooting with my camera ☺

Well, as luck (or lack of it) would have it, the only really good opp’s were on that osprey nest which you’ll see in the gallery…never found the eagles nesting area; the other birds were too busy building nest to cooperate for pics; and, even the rare gopher tortoise was camera shy…

But, despite the photo challenges, I had a great visit to this outstanding park—really liked my lake front property and getting out and about the lake area…definitely a spot to return when I am back in these parts again

See you down the road…

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