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Singin’ In The Rain

Let the stormy clouds chase
Everyone from the place
Come on with the rain
I’ve a smile on my face
I walk down the lane
With a happy refrain
Just singin’,
Singin’ in the rain

I mentioned in a previous post about rainy days at the beach that

some people walk in the rain, others just get wet – Roger Miller

still others sing in the rain…sometimes when it comes to talking about being out there in the rain, I cannot help but think about Singin In The Rain

And, despite a couple of brief – very brief – sun breaks, it is still raining here in Oregon . And, now I have the Singin in the Rain thing going on in my head. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised – I have probably seen the movie a million times – yup, probably a million…

When my daughter was a toddler, we would head to the house in West Cornwall, CT on weekends – no regular TV , just a VCR…and, you can guess …her favorite movie – Singin In The Rain. And, if you have raised kids, you know that means only one thing…you are going to see that movie a million times…

But I digress…rain must be getting to me… and I hate sitting! And, I hate sitting inside because it’s pouring rain outside most of the time – yup – been told that once it starts raining in OR it wont stop until April – geez!! Met one guy who told me he and his wife had to invest in a “happy light” – a “sun” to boost the vitamin D and enhance mood etc – seems constant grey skies can do a number on one’s mood

So, I decided to see what Eugene has to offer in the way of indoor activities – after all, I need some time to dry out – A quick check however showed that if one had to be stuck, one should be stuck somewhere that has lots to offer – Eugene would work out fine

The Reluctant One – now back in Atlanta – suggested a movie. Not a bad idea, but during my Eugene tour research, I came across a mention of the nearby Kent Estate Winery – Oregon’s largest.

A wine tasting seemed like a good indoor activity 🙂

It’s a nice short 30 minute drive out into the rolling farmland to King Estate – a Tuscan style estate situated atop a the hill surrounded by acres and acres of vines – another one of those OMG – around the bend moments when it comes into view

I was to learn that this beautiful estate of 1,033 acres is certified organic and includes 470 acres of organic vineyards, as well as 30 acres of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. And, for a nice change of pace, King Estate has really made a name for themselves with their Pinot Gris – it is the largest production varietal they have.

Maybe it was the combination of rain, maybe because it was Halloween but the “stormy clouds chased everyone from the place…”

The tasting room was empty when I walked in – a very , very nice tasting room in fact –

With the help of Shannon and Joe – a King family member – I thoroughly enjoyed my choice for indoor activity – I tried numerous selections of their offerings – the full line of wine made by King Estate, their newest offering , Acrobat, as well as their Signature series – and, since we were all having some fun with this – also tried their NxNW as well as their Domaine Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir – some really fine wines.

And, they also have a very nice restaurant next to the tasting room – so grabbed a window seat near the fireplace and overlooking the vineyard and countryside – it doesn’t get much better than that on a rainy day – a menu that incorporates estate and locally grown organic ingredients and that is fully complemented by King Estate wines – very nice – let it rain all it wants…

For another rain forced indoor outing I went looking for Cabelas. Maybe it was the group of turkeys at Kent but I remembered that I had seen a billboard on I- 5 pointing out the nearby Cabelas

Cabelas – the mecca for outdoor nuts like me. They have it all – camping, hunting, fishing, archery, boating and more. And, I had never been in one of their retail stores – had always shopped via the catalog or on line.

The retail store locations are as much wildlife museums and education centers as retail stores –

think natural history museum mixed with a unique shopping experience – a true destination store – my next day’s destination – took lots of time to roam around and look at everything – a great rainy day experience

by the way, remember the Sage One I blogged about awhile back in Trout Magic – it’s in stock if you’re still looking for something off my Christmas list 🙂

Anyway, like I pointed out, Eugene had lots to offer for an indoor experience – very nice couple of days

And now the weather forecast looks a little more promising for the next few days – have a few ideas for getting out – heading downtown, hiking a bit, and a little biking too

More to follow…take care…see you down the road…

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  1. Seems like you went the wrong direction for winter. But Eugene is a fun town. Went to a Cabela’s in Phoenix for my outdoor education.

    My absolutely favorite movie. I’ve had a crush on Gene Kelly forever. Just keep on “singing and dancing in the rain.”

    November 4, 2012
    • Stephen #

      sure agree with you – Eugene is nice but not where I planned to be right now – repairs/painting should be done in a few days and then I head out for scenic 395 – hopefully the frigid temps will hold off – still want to see Bodie, Mono etc before getting down into the desert. glad to see someone else has a soft spot for Singin In The Rain – its a great old movie. take care

      November 4, 2012
  2. Love the “vibe” of Eugene – I’d seriously consider living there if it didn’t rain so much! 😉

    November 4, 2012
    • Stephen #

      Eugene does seem to have a lot going for it – it seems to be a good balance with the university, culture, foodie opps, and outdoor activities nearby etc etc. but the rain and grey skies are a downer for me – even with the so-called “sun breaks” forecast it still isn’t sunny enough for me – tried getting out yesterday to bike around/photograph the nearby covered bridges but ended up in a monsoon between breaks 🙂 will try again today! take care

      November 4, 2012

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