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Temporary Home Base

Dateline Thanksgiving 2011, and I am the proud owner of a new-to-me Tiffin motorhome. Now what…

After examining the RV for the infamous Tiffin wet bay floor problem I am not surprised to see I am afflicted with said scourge—and, it’s quite severe!!!

Tiffin makes a great product but is also known for some boneheaded manufacturing decisions/changes. In 2004 they stopped putting metal floors under the wet bay tanks—opting instead for untreated plywood—smart move ☺ Now thousands of floors are rotting out from under an otherwise fine motorhome. Thankfully, Tiffin is replacing the floors at their cost.

After speaking with Tiffin about the apparent state of my flooring they suggested…”if you don’t have to, don’t drive too much and come straight here to Red Bay after the holidays…”

So now I have to find a spot for the Bunkhouse and since I don’t have a driveway anymore, I wanted to find a spot close to the apartment so I can easily shuttle my stuff over the RV; a spot that is safe and secure since I would be traveling over the holidays; a spot that I could enjoy when I finally wound down the move…

Stone Mountain Park fit the bill—somewhat pricey but sometimes you got to pay to play…

Stone Mountain is 3,200 acres of natural and man made attractions that provide a combination of indoor and outside things to do. At the heart of the park is the Confederate Memorial, the massive granite carving completed in 1972 after decades of on again/off again development.

The Confederate Memorial Carving depicts three Confederate leaders of the Civil War, President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson (and their favorite horses, “Blackjack”, “Traveller”, and “Little Sorrel”, respectively) and is reportedly the largest bas relief sculpture in the world.

Think of it as kind of like the Southern Mt Rushmore to depict the hero’s of the “war of northern aggression” as one of good ‘ole boy members of my team liked to portray the Civil War to this Yankee.

The park has 15 miles of wooded nature trails

that includes the 1.3 mile trail

to the top of Stone Mountain
– of course, if you don’t like the hiking idea

there is always a fairly spectacular tram ride.

And if you’re into history,

there’s a Grist Mill and Covered Bridge ,

a train ride around the mountain

as well as some Antebellum homes along with other displays to enjoy.

Or if fishing and boating is your thing,

there’s even a 363-acre lake.

Maybe golf is your deal–not so much mine anymore—

then go ahead and tee off on one of the two golf courses with great views of the mountain and the lake.

Not a bad place to call home for awhile…

And, since I am notorious as “never a tourist in your own town”,

a good excuse to spend some time finding out what all the park had to offer after 11 years in Atlanta.

Not only did I enjoy some great hikes

but also had a chance to see the famous Christmas light display –

not a bad way to spend some time before/during/after all the back and forth on I-20 and the repair stops

If you find yourself in Atlanta,

Stone Mountain is definitely a nice stop….

See you down the road…

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