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The Journey

Where would we be without the Internet?? Except for a few Luddites out there, I think most would agree it makes life easier to keep up with folks.

In the case of a full timing nomad like me it’s easy to lose track of where I am and where I have been. My brothers think I should have a GPS imbedded in my body to keep track of big brother – not sure which one wants to wield the scalpel but that is not going to be necessary!! With a little help from Google Maps I can provide a map for my followers.

With Google Maps I can combine everything here in a great visual – not only the route, but also the posts in those areas. I’ll keep it updated in real time provided I have access to the Internet.

Click on the map, choose a spot and catch up with the Bunkhouse. Feel free to send along recommendations for stops and side trips—any and all input is welcome

View The Bunkhouse Journey in a larger map

Each pushpin on the map is linked to the blog posts I’ve written for that particular destination. I haven’t written about every single stop, so not all pushpins have links. A few places will never have posts.

Use the controls in the upper left to scroll and zoom the map


The map below represents the travels during the “shakedown cruise”…running up and down I-20…what was supposed to be a 3-4 week run for repairs and maintenance ended up being a 9 week ordeal…got to know I-20 very well…blogged about it too!

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  1. David and Luanne Porper #


    We met you at the Grand Canyon in late May and you were nice enough to take our picture and suggest a hike to the Narrows at Zion when we got there. Well, we did hike the Narrows and it was one of the best things we have ever done. Words can’t describe the scenery or the awe we felt at seeing that spectacular canyon. So thank you for leading us to explore that most wonderful place.

    We hope you are enjoying your travels and wanted you to know that we enjoyed meeting you. We had a fantastic trip to the Southwest and hope to do what you are doing when we retire. Travel is everything…

    The Porpers

    June 24, 2012
    • Stephen #

      so great to hear from you two – very glad you were able to get into the Narrows – it is an amazing place as you discovered –

      my travels have taken me from the GC to Monument Valley, Moab UT and Arches NP, and now to SW Colorado – in Ouray now

      agree with you – travel is everything – the journey has been outstanding so far – best of luck with all your future plans

      June 29, 2012

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