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Vicarious Living

I am no stranger to living vicariously – it’s the books, article, and images that often got me through the long periods between trips into the great outdoors. Vicarious living has also been a common theme folks have expressed to me about the blog and the RV journey .

So, imagine how happy I was to hear from Andy and Tan about their summit climb and to receive images that documented the feat. After a weekend training with those two and seeing how accomplished as climbers they were, I wasn’t surprised to hear they had successfully summited.

I also wasn’t surprised by how the images made me feel like I was along for the climb – living vicariously 🙂

So, with my “summit cap” on my head, I felt I should share their story in their words and images…

After a weekend of intense training, Andy and Tan met at the Exum hut on Monday at mid-morning to meet their guide and go over the plans for the 2 day summit effort.

As I blogged in a previous post – first a 7 mile , 5,000 foot approach ascent to the Exum camp at 11,200 feet on the saddle between Middle and Grand Teton; a 3am wakeup on Tuesday to begin the summit climb; a climb, initially, in the dark with headlamps to guide them – across ledges and up nearly vertical pitches – belay by belay – and then rappelling down some of the initial descent – then that long hike back to the trail head at the base of the mountain

Andy/Tan: …hiking piece was very strenuous. We made it to the Lower Saddle at 6:30pm (slower than normal).

Ate and went to bed by 9pm. Woke up at 3:30am (didn’t sleep well for obvious reasons) and donned our gear and start scrambling …by 4:20am heading up to the Upper Saddle….

The climbing was the easy part…

Made it to the top by 8:20am. Started our decent and made it back to the hut by 11:20 am. The view was magnificent and the weather was nice.

… Started our decent…We took it one step at a time and made it back to the Lupine Meadows Trailhead… 13 hours of scrambling, technical climbing, rappelling, down climbing, and hiking all in only Day 2 of our Grand Teton experience… Our knees and feet were hurting so bad… It was hard downhill hike hoping from boulder to boulder….

Still we enjoyed the whole experience… Friends ask us “Why do you want to do that?”. They will never understand. No words can explain the feeling….We want to experience the awesomeness of God’s creation. It is well worth it….Next morning… after we woke up…we are already planning our next summer trip….

Dolomites, Italy.


Congrats Andy and Tan on a great climb – thanks too for sharing the images and the story – really enjoyed sharing the adventure with you…can’t wait to hear about the Dolomites!

Andy also sent along a few pictures of this nomad –

Now I don’t want to suggest there are “non-believers” out there, but – just in case – yes, yours truly really did go over the 120 foot cliff …

Go ahead – live vicariously – imagine yourself on the rope 🙂

Take care…see you down the road

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