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Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon

Although the thermal features are a primary draw for visitors to Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone rivers, lakes and magnificent waterfalls are an impressive draw too – and, a short drive over to the Canyon area didn’t disappoint

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is one of the most magnificent canyons in the United States.

First, a brief stop at the 85 foot Gibbon Falls – a location I’ll need to return to – figured out a way to get down to river level to shoot this nice looking waterfall

Then, over to the north rim of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone for another brief visit – thunderstorms were starting to roll in…another place I will need to revisit during my stay here…

The waterfalls are simply spectacular – especially the 308 foot Lower Falls – that’s twice the height of Niagra Falls – there’s even an observation platform right at the brink of the falls – the roar is deafening

I hiked the rim trail for quite a way – came to appreciate why the great American landscape artist – Thomas Moran – found inspiration here – a reason perhaps for a couple of lookouts to be named “Artist Point”, “Inspiration Point”, and “Grand View”.

Yes it is a grand view 🙂

Too short a visit – the storms finally hit with a vengeance – will need to return…

I have read that a bright sun, in late summer mornings, will create rainbows in the mist – that is something I want to photograph !

And, there are more falls and cascades to explore too – with names like Rustic Falls, Undine Falls( a two tiered falls), and Lewis Falls

More to follow on all these waters…

Take care…see you down the road…

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