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Your First One…

Your First One…

Do you remember your first one?? The first “nice” SLR?? The one you lusted for!! You read the reviews!! You maybe even took one for a “test drive”. The one you saved for; used gift money for; raided the piggy bank for!! You know what I’m talking about-don’t you!!

The one for which you likely had to convince someone you “needed” it??? Your folks; your spouse; yourself??

Convincing yourself you needed it was probably easy—I know what that feels like—I “need” a lot of stuff. But perhaps the others were a little more difficult. But, you eventually won the “need” discussion and bought that “first one”.

Got to thinking about this subject the other day. My daughter returned from a summer camp as a camp counselor to a box from B&H (yup, got to start them off right!!). She had used some savings and gift monies to get her “first one”.

Got me thinking about my first slr-bought the same way!! A Canon AT-1. A camera, that in 1976, was something I “needed”. All the bells and whistles of the day!! A “nice” camera!! Still have it in fact—got it out to show my daughter.

She actually got a Nikon D5000. (yup, went to the dark side-but I didn’t want to start another “holy war” over it!!). A very nice camera too—and, with all the bells and whistles of 2010. Even a flip out LCD screen for goodness sakes.

She noted…”they make them a little differently now…” They sure do!!

She’s playing with it this week learning about the camera as well as elements of good photography. She’s an art major so some of this stuff might come a little bit more easily for her—I was a conflicted left brain / right brain guy but that’s a story for another time!!!

So, what was your first one???

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